Abstract Art by a Gearograph by C.Wong

In Leonardo Da Vinci’s machines, gears are often the main mechanism that initiates rotation and movement. To combine my personal interest and part of Leonardo’s invention, I decided to design a drawing machine from scratch, which can be used to create my own abstract art.



Gearograph, a combination of gear; operates like a pantograph and a spirograph, but with a sense of freedom and unpredictability. Testing on material was the main part of the research, as well as reading different sources of books for inspiration. Two dimensional images contain a capacity for spatial illusion and I think this perspective of abstract art is related to architectural design.

Image    Image


Abstraction comes from the world. The interesting aspect of creating an abstract art is that the author controls the image but not the reaction to it. “Composition, harmony, proportion, light, color, line texture, mass, and motion are all part of the vocabulary of sight, we tap this vocabulary, and the pattern that go with it. When we compose or frame images the commonality that allow us to respond to images, even abstract ones, is rooted in our ability to recognize infinite manifestation of the physical world and the mental constructs to which they correspond.” – Kit White, 101 Things to Learn in Art School

Red, Grey and Black  Red, Grey and Black | pen on 51x 60cm paper

Sandstorm in Pieces Sandstorm in Pieces| Pen on 56x76cm paper




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