Jack’s Replication of the Hartmann Astrolabe

This George Hartmann astrolabe was constructed in Nuremberg, Germany and was originally made from paper, wood, and copper alloy. On the back side of the plate, the inscriptions noted “GEORCIVS HARTMAN NOREMBERGE FACIEBAT ANNO M D XXXXII”. Today, the astrolabe is in the collection of the Museum of the History of Science, and information on the original astrolabe can be found here: http://www.mhs.ox.ac.uk/collections/search/displayrecord/?invnumber=49296

My replica of the Hartmann’s astrolabe is made from paper and consists of a mater, rete for 27 stars, alidade, and one plate of stereographic projection at 45 degree latitude, which corresponds to the location of Montreal. Details are drawn by pencil to replicate the original engravings. At the back side of the plate, I have inscribed “Jack Bian 2012″.


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